Intelligent Search and AI Video Archives are Revolutionizing Traditional Media

Leveraging video management software with integrated automation, intelligent search components, and Artificial Intelligence results in more content output, higher-quality content production, and safeguards against the need for costly re-shoots - here's how. 

032_Forresters 2024 Predictions_THUMB

Forrester's 2024 Predictions Will Impact Your Media Workflows

Let’s look at Forrester’s 2024 predictions to understand how AI and cloud-first technologies will shape media workflows in 2024 and beyond and uncover how video content acceleration will be critical to marketing success.


Using a MAM to Maximize the Power & Savings of the Cloud

Enterprises must add a layer of media asset management on top of their existing cloud infrastructure to leverage the full savings and efficiencies of the cloud. Here's a guide on how Curator powers positive cloud economics by moving media operations into the cloud.

004 Why Video is Taking Over WP

How & Why Video is Taking Over the Enterprise Customer Journey

Here's how enterprises can get ahead of video demand to create contextual video experiences at scale across channels for increased revenue and engagement. 

Broadcaster's Guide to Media Asset Management

A Broadcaster's Guide to Media Asset Management

Learn how to enable the continued creation of content from home, and prepare for the future of broadcast video management.

Sports Broadcaster's Guide to Media Asset Management

A Sports Broadcaster's Guide to Media Asset Management

Learn how to effectively access and re-use archive material to continue to deliver on-demand content for sports fans.

Crafting customer engagement: Advanced video strategies for digital and creative agencies
Crafting customer engagement:

Advanced video strategies for digital and creative agencies

Learn how to deliver engaged storytelling at scale, and take advantage of the creative shifts across the customer engagement landscape.

A technical guide for digital and creative agencies
Future-proofing Video Production:

A technical guide for digital and creative agencies

Learn how to merge creative and technical assets into a unified system that enables effective & continued delivery of assets. 

A Guide to Video Content Management for Higher Education

A Guide to Video Content Management for Higher Education

Learn how to transform your video content management system to match the demands of video-based learning and outreach.


The Secrets of CX Appeal

What if you could use one of the most effective formats - video - to create exceptional CX at scale?

Video Business Continuity eBook

Business Continuity for Video Pros

Having your video teams chained to their editing workstations is an outdated and, given current events, even potentially unsafe practice.

Grow your business with video

Grow Your Business with Video: Tell Your Story at Scale

Learn how video can help you get new customers, retain existing customers and bring consistency & community to your teams.

The Essential VAM Handbook

The Essential Video Asset Management Handbook

Learn about the leading edge of video and production asset management and solutions available to succeed in the future of video. 


How Healthcare Providers Are Using Video For Training & Communication

By incorporating video, healthcare brands across the industry are generating more reach and earning much higher patient engagement.


Increase ROI on Video Content with Video Asset Management

Download our free white paper to learn more about how your enterprise can use Video Asset Management to supercharge your video content ROI.

Creative Agency’s Guide to Video Content Management

A Creative Agency’s Guide to Video Content Management

Learn how to get ready for video content creation at scale, and how to accommodate work-from-home operations.

DAM & Video

Why is it so damn hard?

The differences between DAM, MAM, VAM, and PAM, finally explained in this deep dive free eBook!

Proxy ebook

Increasing Video Production Efficiency with Proxy Editing

Enterprise businesses can see a significant increase in video production productivity and revenues, provided they have the right technology in place.


DAM is Dead and MAM Killed It

Media Asset Management (MAM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) are often used interchangeably. However, MAM and DAM systems are different in a few crucial ways that users must understand.

002_WP_Growing Revenue in 2023_THUMB

The Enterprise Leader's Guide to Growing Revenue in 2023

In The Business Leaders’ Guide to Growing Revenue in 2023, you will learn how to earn more revenue by empowering marketing and creative teams to create more content, and improve media ROI through asset re-use.


MAM - The Key to Video Content Personalization at Scale

Customers across industries seek personalized content experiences during their journey. However, many organizations cannot meet these expectations. Without a MAM, it’s impossible to deliver personalized content experiences at scale.

Demo Videos


Curator for Adidas Runtastic

How Adidas Runtastic uses Curator to centralize video assets and improve remote collaboration and video content velocity across channels.

Curator Clip

Curator Clip Link

Stop searching and start finding with Curator Clip Link's AI-enabled faceted search. Access frame-accurate 2% proxy streams of all your creative assets from anywhere in the world.


Curator for Airbnb

How Airbnb leverages Curator to improve collaboration among distributed teams and accelerate content production and velocity across territories.

Curator Adobe

Curator for Adobe

Gone are the days of disorganised folder systems and hours spent on admin. Check out this quick video demo to see how you can spend more time creating with Curator.

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Curator's Mogrts Capabilities


Curator's mogrt capabilities connect motion graphic editors in Adobe After Effects and video editors in Premiere Pro to streamline video production.

Curator logger

Curator Connect

Supporting all major camera cards and video formats, Curator Connect enables media managers to ingest and tag video anywhere in the world through a simple user interface.

On Demand Webinars


Highlight Reel!
Video Content Acceleration is Revolutionizing Pro Sports and Broadcasters

Check out recent webinar highlights showing how streamlining and automating workflows utilizing AI, and making content instantly retrievable leads to more agile operations, & higher-quality media output.


AI-Powered Video Archives - Leading the Media Management Revolution

AI is helping companies efficiently create, reuse, monetize, and manage media to boost creative quality and create new revenue streams.


Highlight Reel!
AI-Powered Video Archives - Leading the Media Management Revolution

Check out the highlights from our webinar about how AI is helping companies efficiently create, reuse, monetize, and manage media to boost creative quality and create new revenue streams.


Video Content Acceleration is Revolutionizing Pro Sports and Broadcasters

Learn how streamlining and automating workflows utilizing AI, and making content instantly retrievable leads to more agile operations, & higher-quality media output.


AWS & IPV - Broadcast Media Cloud & Digital Transformation

AWS, IPV, and the foremost leaders in broadcast media and cloud technologies show you how to double media output without adding extra budget or hours.




Highlight Reel:
AWS & IPV - Broadcast Media Cloud & Digital Transformation

The most important points from our joint webinar with AWS and the foremost leaders in broadcast media and cloud technologies.

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Airbnb: The Signs and Symptoms of MAM-Less Media Workflows

Join Hoon Kim, Content Production Lead for Airbnb as he discusses some of the challenges of creating media without a media asset management solution.


How Airbnb Achieved Remote Media Mastery

Join Airbnb's Hoon Kim to learn how Airbnb uses Curator to power its distributed, global media operations by making content instantly available and easy to access. 

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 2.05.22 PM

Airbnb: Differences between

Learn how Airbnb uses both a DAM and a MAM to power its global distributed media operations, and how Curator plays an essential role in bridging the gap.


Hearst TV Uses Curator's Proxies to Master Cloud Economics

Learn how Hearst TV is using Curator's streaming proxies to save each editor across the station group countless hours every single year, and eliminate heavy egress fees.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 9.20.35 AM

How Airbnb Uses Curator's Meaningful Metadata

Join Airbnb's Hoon Kim to learn how Airbnb uses Curator's metadata to power its distributed, global media operations, resulting in greater productivity, enhanced ROI, and the efficient creation of video content at scale.


Curator X Hearst TV @ NAB

Join Joe Addalia, Vice President of Broadcast Technology at HEARST Television, as he discusses the HEARST journey to cloud media management and the benefits of a private cloud vs. multi-tenant.


Curator X Airbnb Demo

Airbnb needed newfound tools to allow its Video production teams to live and work from anywhere, so they turned to Curator to power global media video operations. Hear from Airbnb's Hoon Kim for more.

Remote Video Collaboration Webinar

Collaboration in Adobe with MAM

We gathered a panel of video MVPs for a world-exclusive webinar to give us their insight and walk us through the workflows they use to achieve global collaboration.

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Why Brands Fail to Maximize Media Cloud Economics

Most brands simply shift storage to the cloud, but that doesn’t solve any workflow challenges or provide meaningful savings or ROI, or effectively monetize media assets.


The Future of DAM is IPV Curator

Join us as we discuss how enterprises like Airbnb, Gartner and Adidas leverage MAM to streamline video production and create more video content at scale across channels.

Curator Logger for Sports Teams - Landing Page Hero-min

Productive Remote Editing and Easy Archive Content Monetization for Sports Organizatons

In this free masterclass, learn how you can enable productive remote editing and unlock the latent value in your content archive.

remote webinar

Remote editing in Premiere Pro with Dave Helmly @ Adobe

Remote editing & collaboration with streamed proxies in Premiere over standard Wi-Fi & Remote conform and render in the cloud.

WarnerMedia Remote Editing

How WarnerMedia became one of the world's largest remote video production teams

Jacob and Eric discuss pre-COVID-19 workflows, how their video teams are adapting to lockdown, the technical challenges they faced and the impact on the industry in the longer term.


End-to-End Remote Production Workflow

From Remote Ingest to Cloud Conform, our Product Innovation Team walk us through how a complete remote production workflow.

Sesame Remote Editing INterview

How one of the world's most beloved brands continued to create content through Covid

Shadrach Kisten, CTO, for Sesame Workshop has strategic and tactical oversight of Sesame's technical operations, network, cloud infrastructure, digital media engineering, content and client services.

Sky Remote Editing Interview

How one of the largest broadcasters in Europe kept on creating through the pandemic

Simon is Head of Operations & Technology at Sky Creative Agency; Sky’s in-house advertising and creative agency and the largest in-house agency in the UK, probably Europe and possibly the world! 


How Hearst TV Uses Metadata to Scale Video Production

Learn how Hearst TV is using Curator's automated metadata rendering to tag more than 10,000 assets per month to air for Hearst's distributed television station group. 

Case Studies

007_PR_THUMB 16.14.34

Media Mastery for the Largest US Insurer

When a titan of the insurance industry was challenged to efficiently produce, manage, and monetize an extensive global video archive, they turned to IPV.  Curator revitalized creative workflows and provided a system that could quickly boost marketing revenue and media ROI.


Unlocking New Revenue Streams in Sports Broadcast

With a massive archive of 1.8 Million clips and years of content, IPV Curator helped KSE increase productivity, reduce video production costs, and make it easy for KSE to tag, search, discover, and locate archived content. 

018 Seattle Kraken WP-INTERNAL_THUMB

Seattle Kraken

The newly formed Seattle Kraken knew they had a unique chance to build a foundation for decades of fan engagement. They prepared for the 2021­–2022 season by selecting Curator to create and distribute content across channels and manage media assets.

The Golf Channel

The Golf Channel

IPV has worked with the Golf Channel for many years. The relationship began with live proxy creation, but IPV and the Golf Channel and went on to form a strong partnership, delivering many years of highly exciting and relevant content production.


MAM for EPL Royalty

When one of the world’s most valuable Football Clubs needed a media asset management solution, they embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the 5 best media asset management (MAM) platforms on Earth.

NASA Case Study


IPV Curator integrates alongside Quantum StorNext Pro and Telestream Vantage to create elegant image capture and distribution workflow, in an incredibly secure environment. Learn how Curator helped NASA Kennedy Space Center.

AMPAS Case Study


AMPAS worked with IPV to develop a system that would let its teams quickly and easily search, find and discover assets throughout its archives. It knew that creating proxies of its assets was the best way to manage its large amount of content.

HomeDepot Case Study

Home Depot

After learning of several installs of IPV Curator in ‘heavy-hitting’ broadcast facilities around the world - including CNN - it was clear to Home Depot that Curator was the right tool for managing their remote video editing and video brand management capabilities.

Hearst Case Study


Using IPV Curator, Hearst has created an internal Distributed Cloud environment where content is ingested and logged locally but made available globally using IPV’s advanced search functions that rely on integrated and intelligent metadata.


UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte needed a media asset management system to rapidly find content, log metadata effectively, and enable high-resolution edits, as well as being able to store their existing assets. They knew IPV Curator would provide them with the tools they needed to succeed!

Online Toolkits & Reports

M&E Exec report

Executive Report: The M&E Industry's Need for Digital Transformation

Learn how embracing cloud technology now can help mitigate risks, ensure business continuity and help M&E businesses thrive in 2021

The Future_of_Video_Production

The Future of Video Production: How Video Pros Are Responding to Remote & Hybrid Workflows

Learn how the leading video pros in various industries have been dealing with the changes and challenges within the field of video production.

The Future of Video for Creative Agencies

The Future of Video for Creative Agencies: By the World’s Largest Creative Agencies

Learn how the leading agencies confronted lockdown, retained clients and continued to deliver video content campaigns from home.

What is Video Asset Management

What is Video Asset Management, and How Can It Help Your Business?

Learn more about what is Video Asset Management, what are the differences between DAM and VAM, and what can VAM do for your business.

The Complete Customer Experience Video Toolkit

The Complete Customer Experience Video Toolkit

Using video for CX might sound daunting if you’re not a broadcaster by trade, but lots of organizations are already doing it. Learn more about everything you need to give your videos CX Appeal.

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