Video Asset Management in Education

Increase recruitment, drive funding and engage with students and alumni


Enterprise Video Content Management for Education

If engaging with students and alumni to increase recruitment and drive funding is on your priorities list; if documenting lectures, events, guest presentations, sports competitions (and future stars) to increase their value is up there too, a digital strategy with a proven video content management platform to make it easy to create, collect, share, archive, analyze and manage your media will quickly set your institution, faculty and students up for success.

Reach new audiences

You know the stats. You know the power of video. You know you can reach a larger audience for your University by offering content and courses online, but actually doing it is not easy.

Content has to be created, stored efficiently but remain searchable and shareable. Curator was originally built by Cambridge University exactly for this. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

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"We now have access to our video content virtually instantly. We want to be in the here and now: we cannot consider taking three or four weeks to put content together. IPV's Curator has given us this kind of immediacy, and it has exceeded my expectations."

Nadine Dupont, Executive Producer, TFO


Create compliant content

Legislation may mean that you need to put courses online caption your video for students with hearing impairments, but this can be time-consuming and expensive.

Curator’s speech-to-text AI can automatically help you stay compliant and even translate audio transcripts into other languages to increase your video reach (&value) even further.

Tag live recording

Lectures, events, presentations, athletics programs… Universities produce so much content that it’s essential to tag it as its being created. If your team doesn’t have access to the right metadata, it’ll be impossible for them to find what they need later.

Curator comes with built-in subject-specific metadata and supports logging on live growing content.


The secret to storage strains

Video for Education is kind of a big deal. It’s file sizes are even bigger. We don’t need to tell you that this makes working on video kind of hard and finding cost-effective storage even harder.

Our 2% frame-accurate proxy workflows let you archive content immediately whilst keeping it accessible to work on anywhere in the world (with WiFi!)

Find the right lecture

To ensure that your team and your audience can find the right assets when they need them, content needs to be organized in a way that makes sense to your organization – by subject, lecture or theme.

By providing personalized metadata, and smart, in-video search capabilities, Curator ensures that anyone can find what they’re looking in seconds.

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