Video Asset Management for Broadcasting

The platform for better broadcast management in any format or resolution


Whether you’re managing 10GB of live presenting or 600TB of archived content

With more video assets than ever before, media workflows for broadcasters are becoming increasingly complex.

The fast-turnaround content creation environment needs a proven platform that makes your video asset management processes easier – enabling you to focus on creating the best possible programming.

Stop searching for assets, start finding them. Fast.

When you’ve got millions of video assets, finding just the right frame isn’t always easy. But if you can’t find it, you can’t monetize it.

Getting the right metadata automatically in the right places and having a Google-like suggestive-search experience makes it easier than ever to explore and discover your available video.

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“Curator created major efficiencies across our entire TV group. And through the integration with Adobe, Signiant, Telestream and Isilon, we now have an incredibly powerful foundation, with IPV at the center.”

Joe Addalia, Director of Technology Projects at Hearst Television


A single, secure & stylish system for your content

Do you know where all of your valuable video content is right now? It could be anywhere; on hard drives in desk drawers, on laptops, camera cards and personal cloud storage...

De-risk and give your whole team an easy way to search, create and collaborate on content, making all high-value video assets even more usable and valuable in one secure, central location.

Powerful proxies finally make video files workable

Video is kind of a big deal. It’s file sizes are even bigger. We don’t need to tell you that this makes working on video kind of hard in today's flexible workplace and finding cost-effective storage even harder.

Our 2% frame-accurate proxy workflows let you archive content immediately whilst keeping it accessible to work on anywhere in the world (with WiFi!).


Create more: Automate the automatable

Bored of requesting freelancers to add metadata on ingest? Automate it. Tired of tagging massive files of footage? Automate it. Does the thought of transcribing another moment of audio turn you off? Turn on the automation. Sick of needle-in-a-haystack asset searching? Guess what… automate.

The more you automate, with smart workflows or AI, the more cool stuff you get to do.

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