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Integrated Mogrt Capabilities

Introducing Curator's mogrt capabilities, which connects motion graphic editors in Adobe After Effects and video editors in Premiere Pro to streamline video production and provide the ability to create and combine motion graphics and video at scale, without incurring increasing production costs.

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Curator for Adobe

All your creative assets at your fingertips; Curator for Adobe brings the power of Clip Link's AI-enabled search directly to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

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Curator Connect

Supporting all major camera cards and video formats, Curator Connect enables media managers to ingest and tag video anywhere in the world through a simple user interface.

CX Toolkit
Customer Experince

Video Toolkit

Everything you need to give your videos CX Appeal. Learn about the secrets, processes and technologies the best brands use to improve their video creation and CX strategies.

Who uses Curator?

Curator works best for any organization that is serious about video. Our lightest customers use Curator to manage around 1500 video assets, our heaviest customers ingest over 10,000 hours of 4k video every week.

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