Video Content Management for Creative Agencies

Create, manage, share and deliver video content in real-time, the way you want and maintain total brand consistency

Video Content Management for Creative Agencies

How does your
super-awesome, global creative agency...

…collaborate on videos with colleagues thousands of miles away?

…maintain brand consistency when working with global brands?

…find what you need within all of your current and historic videos?

…securely share finished video projects with clients abroad?

…manage a growing library of videos, avoiding duplication of effort?

Collaborate and share on a global scale

Creative agencies often need to collaborate on projects with colleagues and clients thousands of miles away. Curator allows your team to work with content wherever they are in the world, regardless of where the original files are located.

This means they can create and collaborate on new content fast, without spending time sending, downloading or copying high-resolution files around the globe. We’ve seen creative agenices use Curator to increase output by 50%.

Video Content Management for Creatives
Video for Creative Agencies

Maintain brand consistency

The brands that creative agencies manage are often global, and it can be hard to keep messaging consistent across continents. By making it easy for you team to collaborate, you can ensure that content is appropriate for local markets but still visible to the brand owner.

This means you can guarantee that content will remain on message and avoid duplication of effort.  Our clients are managing to avoid duplicating over 6000 files a week with Curator.

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Structure content the way you like it

Creative agencies tend to organize their work by brand, then product, then campaign. It’s essential that your media management system is organized the same way so that anyone in your organization can always find what they need.

Curator allows them to find it, then to create with the content they’ve found straight from the platform.

Video Content Management for Creative Agencies
Video Collaboration Software for Creative Agencies

Securely share projects with colleagues & clients

Assets belonging to multi-million dollar brands have to be kept secure, but this is challenging for creative agencies in a global setting.

Curator allows you to restrict access to content through different user groups, improving the security of your clients’ assets. You can even give your clients a portal to view their finished content remotely.

Enhance and manage the creative process

Curator offers seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC and Avid.

Your editors can create a production within Adobe and manage it through Curator, switching between Curator Proxies and high-resolution assets as needed, and saving as many versions of their work as they like.

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