Unlocking New Revenue Streams in Sports Broadcast

Since 2017, Kroenke Sports Entertainment (KSE) has increased ticket, season ticket, and merchandise sales and has created new advertising revenue streams through increased video engagement with fans and sponsors alike.

With a massive archive of 1.8 Million clips and years of content, IPV Curator helped KSE increase productivity, reduce video production costs, and make it easy for KSE to tag, search, discover, and locate archived content. Each of these media enhancements enables KSE to instantly monetize its archived media content.

KSE has used Curator to create new advertising revenue streams by making media instantly accessible for sponsors and internal revenue teams. Because media is simple to track and access, KSE has boosted fan engagement by publishing more video assets across platforms and has driven significantly more revenue out of existing media assets, drastically improving media and production ROI.

Curator Clip Link Demo Video

Curator Clip Link

Stop searching and start finding with Curator Clip Link's AI-enabled faceted search. Access frame-accurate 2% proxy streams of all your creative assets from anywhere in the world.

Premiere Pro Demo Video

Curator for Adobe

Gone are the days of disorganised folder systems and hours spent on admin. Check out this quick video demo to see how you can spend more time creating with Curator.

Curator Connect Demo Video

Curator Connect

Supporting all major camera cards and video formats, Curator Connect enables media managers to ingest and tag video anywhere in the world through a simple user interface.

Hearst Case Study


Using IPV Curator, Hearst has created an internal Distributed Cloud environment where content is ingested and logged locally but made available globally using IPV’s advanced search functions.

AMPAS Case Study


AMPAS worked with IPV to develop a system that would let its teams quickly and easily search, find and discover assets throughout its archives. It knew that creating proxies of its assets was the best way to manage its large amount of content.

HomeDepot Case Study

Home Depot

After learning of several installs of IPV technology in ‘heavy-hitting’ broadcast facilities around the world including CNN, it was clear to Home Depot Television that Curator would do everything it needed, and more. 

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“With over 300 creatives working on projects for the world’s top media and entertainment clients, we required a state-of-the-art product that both we and our clients can trust. Curator provides us with a level of security that is unmatched by our competitors, allowing our producers and editors to work seamlessly offsite while keeping all of our assets in our on-premise secure media storage.”

Rick Eiserman
Trailer Park CEO