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Manage, grow and scale your video content. Curator has a plan to suit your needs, whether you have a creative team of 5 or 5,000

Is Curator the right fit for your business?

Curator works best for any organization that is serious about video. Our lightest customers use Curator to manage around 2500 video assets, our heaviest customers ingest over 10,000 hours of 4k video every week. We work with:


Keeping pricing simple

Enterprise software pricing is notorious for quickly getting confusing. There’s lots going on, dozens of different metrics, hidden charges, consultant fees, additional support costs; allsorts.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve learned that keeping pricing simple, clear and transparent has helped us build long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s leading brands and broadcasters. We use 5 simple, but important factors to create a powerful, tailored video content management platform and value-driven quote.

  •  Unlimited Assets
  •  Curator Users
  •  Ingest Channels
  •  Functionality Modules
  •  Connectors & Integration

Unlimited assets

Unlike every other Video Asset Manager, we do not - repeat, do not - charge on the number of assets you ingest or create.

We want to help you power your production, drive your creative content and maximise your video assets. You can’t do this when you’re thinking about asset limits. Create as much as you can. Consider it a challenge!



We do keep tabs on the number of users who access and use Curator simultaneously. Based on experience, and to keep this simple, we group the number of users together into 3 tiers;

Creative: Inclusive of 5 users. Expandable to 10
Enterprise: Inclusive of 10 Users. Expandable to 25
Custom: Inclusive of 25 Users. Expandable to whatever you need.

Ingest channels

The number of Ingest channels determines how many frame-accurate low-res proxy workflows can be created simultaneously.

Live broadcasting Ingest requires an Ingest Channel for each growing recording. Using Curator Ingest, a 320GB 4K file becomes 6.4GB as a Curator Proxy.

Integrations LeftAligned


Curator plays nicely with a host of carefully selected integration and connector partners to create an even more powerful video content experience.

Functionality Modules

Functionality Modules define Curator's highest levels of capability.

KeyFeatures ProxyWorkflows


Brings high-res media assets into the system as low-res assets

KeyFeatures RemoteEditing

Ingest Control

Allows Curator to control video servers

KeyFeatures ArchiveManagement


Connects to cost-effective storage to manage infrequently used media

KeyFeatures SmartLogging


Adds controlled metadata to your media assets

Edit and Publish

Edit and Publish

Produces new assets or repurposes them for distribution

KeyFeatures IntelligentSearch

Artificial Intelligence

Leverages smart AI services to help generate searchable data



Gathers metrics on user, process, device and asset data

Review And approve

Review and Approve

Allows collaboration on edit tasks and ties into the production process

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