Enterprise Video Content Management

Create consistently exceptional customer experiences with serious ROI


When every customer does their research online before buying anything...

...creating helpful and exciting video content is more important than ever to engage with your audience before their spend with the competition.

But that’s not the only use-case for video in the enterprise; Curator makes it incredibly easy and efficient to create and deliver consistently exceptional CX to thousands of employees across multiple locations.

Tell your brand's story with consistency

With distributed creative teams, freelancers, marketers and other stakeholders involved in various video projects at any one time, keeping consistently on-message and on-brand with up-to-date brand assets available to everyone in a single, secure EVCM platform creates a seamless content catalogue and drives maximum value without even trying.

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"Working with IPV has been excellent, the level of technical competence and system knowledge has been impressive. Their willingness to work out a suitable solution proved their desire to form a solid partnership."

Bruce Covey, Manager, BTV engineering at Home Depot Television


Broadcast directly into customer's brains

Ok, we can’t do telepathy (not yet, anyway) but you can automatically publish all of your high-value, high-res marketing videos straight to YouTube & Vimeo, all of your social media channels or even your own dedicated OTT channel, and when we know 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read text to learn about a product, that’s the next best thing.

Security..? Secure enough for NASA

Where is all of your valuable video marketing content is right now? It could be anywhere; on hard drives in desk drawers, on laptops, camera cards and personal cloud storage...

De-risk and give your whole team an easy way to search, create and collaborate on content, making all high-value video assets even more usable and valuable in one secure, central location.


Stop searching, start finding. Monetize faster.

When you’ve got thousands, or even millions of videos, finding just the right frame isn’t always easy. But if you can’t find it, you can’t monetize it. Maybe you’d end up duplicating it?

Getting the right metadata automatically in the right places and having a Google-like suggestive-search experience makes it easier than ever to explore and discover your available video.

Powerful proxies finally make video files workable

Video is kind of a big deal. It’s file sizes are even bigger. We don’t need to tell you that this makes working on video kind of hard in today's flexible workplace and finding cost-effective storage even harder.

Our 2% frame-accurate proxy workflows let you archive content immediately whilst keeping it accessible to work on anywhere in the world (with WiFi!).

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