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The intelligent media asset management platform
for remote and collaborative video editing at the world's

The future is video:

Create, Collaborate & Automate

We said it at the top. We’re serious about video; and we’re serious about creating innovative ways to help you move, manage and monetize your media assets.

Curator, our intelligent, enterprise Video Asset Management platform has been built to help world-leading brands like yours create, collaborate and automate more, smarter and faster.

Home Create without Constraint

Create without constraint

Curator has the power to produce all your video assets where your creative teams work best.

Create content faster than ever and create more value for your organization from your video media.

Collaborate without borders

We’ve pioneered proxy workflows to enable your editors and creatives to work on frame-accurate compressed video files anywhere in the world on just 2Mb Wi-Fi

So, not only can you work wherever suits you best, but this will also help you save on your storage budget.

Dashboard Collaborate without borders
Dashboard Automate with AI

with AI

Fully integrated AI is no longer science fiction, use it now to search for specific moments or frames, object recognition for metadata logging or speech-to-text for multi-language captioning.

Our in-built AI and configurable automated workflows take the hard work out of the finding, tagging and logging video content and event the technical operations behind it.

Everything you need to manage your video content

KeyFeatures EasyIngest

Easy Ingest

KeyFeatures ProxyWorkflows

Proxy Workflows

KeyFeatures ObjectRecognitionAI

Object Recognition AI

KeyFeatures CuratorforAdobe

Curator for Adobe

KeyFeatures IntelligentSearch

Intelligent Search

KeyFeatures RemoteEditing

Remote Editing

KeyFeatures ArchiveManagement

Archive Management

KeyFeatures CuratorforAvid

Curator for Avid

KeyFeatures SmartLogging

Smart Logging & Automated Metadata

KeyFeatures SpeechtoTextAI

Speech to Text AI

KeyFeatures VideoOTT

Video OTT

KeyFeatures Integrations&Connections

Integrations & Connections

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Building a video asset management platform as comprehensive as Curator takes a lot of talent. Learn more about who is behind Curator.

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What is VAM Image

What is Video Asset Management?

The future is video. And for creators and consumers of video content, the future is bright… Or at least it has the capacity to be.

After all, video content is a huge growth market that’s ripe with opportunity for creators, educators and digital marketers alike. So, what is Video Asset Management and how can it help your business?