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Enterprise Video Content Management

Professional video content is increasingly important to market to prospects and customers, not to mention connecting employees across multiple locations and delivering consistent CX training. Curator makes content easy to find, use and deliver in order to tell your brand's story, ensure consistency of message and increase your audience via broadcast, online and on social media.

“Working with IPV has been excellent, the level of technical competence and system knowledge has been impressive. Their willingness to work out a suitable solution proved their desire to form a solid partnership.”

Bruce Covey, Manager, BTV engineering at Home Depot Television


Video Asset Management for Broadcast

From mobile productions to studio operations and day-to-day video management, Curator is the industry standard when it comes to Video Asset Management software to quickly find and use your assets. Whether you’re managing 10GB of live, fast turnaround programming or 600TB of archived content, Curator puts you in firm control of your media.

“Curator created major efficiencies across our entire TV group. And through the integration with Adobe, Signiant, Telestream and Isilon, we believe that we have an incredibly powerful foundation, with IPV at the center.”

Joe Addalia, Director of Technology Projects at Hearst Television


Video Asset Management for Sports

Video content is as crucial for sports brands and organizations as the on-field action. Teams, leagues, rights holders and governing bodies all need a way to manage a growing mountain of content and Curator makes it easy to record, edit, log and assign metadata to any video media (whether it’s a slam-dunk, hole-in-one, home run or world-class goal!) in an instant.

“Curator enabled us to deploy a media asset management and storage infrastructure that enhanced and integrated smoothly into the workflows at all of our production houses. At the end of the day, if you can’t find the content, you don’t own it.”

David Zur, SVP of Operations and Engineering at KSE Media Ventures


Intelligent Video Management for Government

Curator is at the heart of many global Government agencies' video projects, but there are not very many environments more challenging, or more critical, than the one that supports launches at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

During every liftoff, up to 100 cameras capture the event from every possible angle and they keep tracking the rocket until it passes out of range at a height of over 8,000 feet. The videos, captured at speeds of up to 1000 frames per second, weigh in at around 200TB per launch, and are made available for scientists and flight specialists in several different NASA centers to collaborate on immediately.


Video Content Management for Education

Educational institutions across the world rely on their digital strategies to increase recruitment, drive funding and engage with students and alumni. The most successful universities, colleges and campuses are increasingly using video content to see even greater results.

Curator makes it easy to create, collect, share, archive and analyze and manage all your new and existing video media, including lectures, events, guest presentations, sports competitions, alumni outreach, live webcasts, and more.

Home - Create without Constraint

Create without constraint

Curator has the power to produce all your video assets where your creative teams work best.

Create content faster than ever before and create more value for your organization from your video media.

Collaborate without borders

We’ve pioneered proxy workflows to enable your editors and creatives to work on frame-accurate compressed video files anywhere in the world (or beyond!)

So, not only can you work wherever suits you best, but this will also help you save on your storage budget.

Dashboard - Collaborate without borders
Dashboard - Automate with AI

with AI

Fully integrated AI is no longer science fiction, use it now to search for specific moments or frames, object recognition for metadata logging or speech-to-text for multi-language captioning.

Our in-built AI and configurable automated workflows take the hard work out of the finding, tagging and logging video content and event the technical operations behind it.

Everything you need to manage your video content

Key Features - Easy Ingest

Easy Ingest

Key Features - Proxy Workflows

Proxy Workflows

Key Features - Object Recognition AI

Object Recognition AI

Key Features - Curator for Adobe

Curator for Adobe

Key Features - Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search

Key Features - Remote Editing

Remote Editing

Key Features - Archive Management

Archive Management

Key Features - Curator for Avid

Curator for Avid

Key Features - Smart Logging

Smart Logging & Automated Metadata

Key Features - Speech to Text AI

Speech to Text AI

Key Features - Video OTT

Video OTT

Key Features - Integrations & Connections

Integrations & Connections

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Object recognition and the future of video asset management

The future is video. And for creators and consumers of video content, the future is bright… Or at least it has the capacity to be.

After all, video content is a huge growth market that’s ripe with opportunity for creators, educators and digital marketers alike.