Real-time field-to-fan sports video workflows

Curator Sports Logger

Keep fans engaged and sponsors happy - on Game Day and Off Season

Your sports organization has its work cut out when it comes to creating and managing video content. No other industry comes close to the need for real-time editing and publication to multiple channels. Curator helps you do all this faster and more productively than ever before, from anywhere in the world.

  • Capture, edit and monetize live feeds in real-time

  • Rapidly enrich your archive with bulk logging and AI logging

  • Keep fans engaged and sponsors happy, all year-round

Capture, edit, and monetize the action as it happens

Every second counts – on the field and on the air – so Curator ingests all your mission-critical live camera feeds in real-time, making them safe, secure, and available for editing and monetization, as the action unfolds!

Generating frame-accurate streaming proxies in near-real-time, Curator enables your Editors to create highlights reels as the game develops, from anywhere in the world.

Enrich your live feeds with real-time metadata logging

Curator helps you accurately and rapidly log the action as it unfolds with sports-specific logging and integrations into sports data feeds for the most accurate and up-to-date game data so editors can find, edit, and monetize it during the game for a highlights reel and in years to come when it's buried deep in archive.

Edit and publish in near-real-time on Game Day

Edit in Premiere Pro and After Effects from anywhere in the world, on frame-accurate streaming proxies of the live feeds as the game unfolds, so your highlights reels are ready before the crowd has finished cheering!

With metadata logs appearing as Markers on your timeline, you can jump straight to the action for rapid editing and publication on Game Day!

Quickly enrich your archive for easy monetization

Your archive is a hub of extremely valuable content and is perfect for creating off-season content that keeps fans engaged and sponsors happy. But if you can't find what you're looking for, you can't monetize it.

Curator Logger makes it easy for Media Managers and Loggers to enrich your archive with relevant, game-specific metadata, either for individual assets and sub-clips or for large collections at once - perfect for multiple angles of Game Day and training session footage.

This saves countless hours of Logger time and ensures editors can find and monetize all assets now and in the future.

Make your storage work harder for you

Copies of copies of copies of files. Sound familiar?

Without a media asset management system in place to de-duplicate and manage your enterprise storage, you'll quickly run out and be faced with a hefty bill for more storage. Curator helps you realize far greater ROI on your existing storage infrastructure investment through de-duplication and automated archive policies, and enables easy use of cloud storage for low-cost, high availability storage expansion.


Dedicated user interfaces for the most efficient and
productive sports video workflows

KeyFeatures CuratorforAdobe
Curator for Adobe

Intuitive search and discover and access to streamed frame-accurate proxy and high-res assets for instant remote editing, right inside Premiere Pro and After Effects

KeyFeatures ArchiveManagement
Curator Logger

A dedicated logging experience for fast and accurate metadata logging of live and pre-recorded content, with game-specific logging workspaces and sports data feed integration

KeyFeatures ObjectRecognitionAI
Curator Clip Link

Your browser-based portal to all your assets from anywhere in the world. Rapid search and discover and easy media management, perfect for Media Managers and Marketing/Social teams


How will Curator help your sports organization manage and monetize all the action?

Turner Sports, NBA TV, and Altitude Sports all rely on Curator to manage, edit, and monetize all the action - during games and off-season. Have a look below to see how Curator will help various departments in your business.

Sports video editors have one of the most time-sensitive jobs out there - so you need technology that will help you streamline the process while maintaining your high production quality. Here's how Curator can help you do that:

  • On Game Day, access streaming frame-accurate proxies of your live feeds, right inside your Premiere Pro and/or After Effects editing environment for near-real-time editing with no waiting and no downloading
  • Jump straight to where the action is with metadata logs appearing as live Markers on your timeline as they're added by Logger
  • Finished your edit? Send the render/conform job back to the high-res originals, freeing up your edit station for more editing and avoiding having to download the original files - perfect for remote editing
  • Between games and during Off-Season, Curator makes it easy for you to find, discover, and edit on new and old content, even if it's buried deep in the archive (without needing to retrieve it first!)

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The need for content in various forms for multiple channels is only growing, with fans wanting access to exciting content on their time scale. Sports Marketing and Social Media Teams have their work cut out keeping up with the demand - and that's where Curator comes in.

  • Rapidly search and discover all your available media assets from one browser-based portal, Curator Clip Link
  • Send to pre-configured channels (e.g. your OTT channel(s)) with a click of the mouse
  • Easily download assets to be uploaded to your social channels
  • Quickly review and approve Editor output in Curator Logger, with time-based comments for easy remote collaboration with your Editors

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Managing enterprise storage is a serious task in any business, but more so for IT Teams at sports organizations due to the sheer volume of clips recorded at each game and training session.

Without the right media asset management solution in place, it's easy for storage devices to become unmanageable and for storage costs to increase exponentially.

Curator is your solution for all those IT storage headaches.

  • Curator de-duplicates your storage devices, maximizing your storage device's capacity and helping to keep storage costs down
  • Curator virtually centralizes your assets across all your storage devices, providing users with a single view of their assets regardless of where they're stored, and providing you with an easy management solution for your storage devices
  • Intelligent archive policies can automatically move assets to your lower-cost archive storage devices based on policies you set, freeing up your time and space on your most expensive storage devices
  • Editors edit on streamed proxy copies of the high-res originals, meaning they can edit on archive material without needing to retrieve it first. When they're ready to conform to high-res, Curator will retrieve it for them, so you don't need to get involved 
  • Curator provides easy integration with leading cloud service providers for cloud storage and services, making it easy for you to create a hybrid or cloud-hosted IT infrastructure and benefiting from the cost-efficiencies and high-availability of the cloud

Aside from storage management, Curator offers an intuitive and comprehensive system administration portal, the Curator Gateway, making it easy for IT Teams to create, delete, and manage Curator users, including easily setting permissions and restrictions on a user or group level.

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Keeping fans engaged and sponsors happy while planning for business continuity, maintaining or increasing revenues, ensuring high production values, and being leaders in your field is no easy task for sports organization C-Suites.

But Curator can help with all that - and it can demonstrate significant return on investment while doing so, and not just for Curator, but for your video assets, too.

  • Be the first to air with your highlights reels thanks to Curator's near-real-time live capture, log, edit, and publish workflows
  • Need staff to work from home or anywhere else? No problem. Curator has remote working built-in to its core, enabling Editors, Media Managers, Logger, and IT Teams to access and use Curator from anywhere in the world
  • Curator makes your archive easily searchable and monetizable with batch metadata logging and AI metadata logging, helping you squeeze maximum value from your valuable archive by reusing old content. Perfect for interesting Off-Season content or when no games are able to be played (i.e. due to global pandemics)
  • Justify and increase sponsorship spending by providing sponsors with accurate data showing how much screentime their logos have received
  • Increase production value by making it easy for remote Editors to collaborate on edit projects, including easy review and approval processes

Want to learn more about how Curator can help drive production efficiencies and value and increase fan engagement? Book a demo today!

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