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Effortlessly Manage Video Content
Between the Studio and WFH

Easily manage heavy graphics workflows, social publishing, growing archives and the WFH challenge

In-house studio production and creative isn't without its difficulties. Efficient media asset management, optimized storage management, and productive remote editing aren't easily achieved - unless you have the right technology in place. Enter Curator

Productive and reliable
remote editing is possible

The benefits of in-house creative are huge - increased creative control, potentially reduced costs, increased brand consistency, and improved speed and nimbleness, for example.

But there are also potential difficulties involved. Recruiting the best talent, implementing the right editing solution, and purchasing and properly managing the significant storage required, amongst others.

Without the right tools and processes in place, it might seem hassle than it's worth. That's where Curator comes in.


The Curator Solution

As a media asset management and remote editing solution, Curator sits at the heart of the content creation process for many well-known brands and businesses. Curator enables:

  • Simple ingest of all your raw media files from anywhere, and the automated creation of frame-accurate streaming proxies at just 2% of their original file size
  • Easy enrichment of your assets with dedicated manual metadata logging and AI speech-to-text and object recognition automated metadata enrichment
  • Rapid search and discovery of all available assets, from anywhere
  • Productive remote editing on streamed frame-accurate proxies
  • Easy and automated storage management

The Curator Benefits

By implementing Curator at the heart of your content production function, you'll:

  • Recruit and retain the best talent regardless of geography
  • Increase production quality and brand consistency with intuitive review and approval processes
  • Reduce production costs through content re-use
  • Increase Editor efficiencies through instant proxy editing with no downloads
  • Reclaim the average 10% of time Editors and collaborators spend simply looking for assets
  • Save on storage costs, make use of existing IT infrastructure, and connect to cloud storage for the best of both worlds

What Else Can Curator Do?


Create and Collaborate on
Video From Anywhere


Centralize Control
of Brand Assets


Archive Management
and Reuse


Stream Frame-Accurare
Video Proxies

Demo Videos - Lights, Camera, See it in Action

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