Solutions - Archive Reuse, Management, and Monetization

Control Brand Assets and Versions with
Centralized Video Management

A Single Source of Truth for Managing Video Workflows and Processes for Brands and Agencies

Finding and controlling brand assets is a major challenge for large organizations, especially those who work with a lot of video. The problem is accentuated by globally dispersed teams and the shift to remote working. Curator is the solution.


Turning archive into profit

Curator has added a layer of AI-assisted search to thousands of hours of existing footage, creating the opportunity to reuse, re-edit, and re-monetize their archive.


More output in less time

Deploying Curator lets the client speed up editing processes, meaning that the same sized team can produce more content in less time without sacrificing on quality.


Enterprise-grade security

Footage is safely and securely stored with enterprise-level security measures, ensuring your business's data is strictly controlled and always protected.

The Problem with Brand Asset Control

Your marketing assets need to be current, relevant, and well-controlled. But without the right technology in place, it can be impossible for your teams to know where the right files are stored and which ones they are allowed to use.

You also greatly reduce your ability to reuse your valuable existing content, risking wasted time and resources spent on re-creating marketing materials you already have.


How Curator Controls the Brand-Asset Chaos

Through Curators intuitive web-based UIs Editors, Media Managers, and collaborators can:

  • Audit assets with asset tracking
  • Enrich assets with metadata for rapid discovery
  • Use AI to automatically enrich assets with for easy discovery and monetization¬†
  • Instantly preview and edit on streamed frame-accurate copies of all media assets

How this Benefits Your Business's Bottom Line

Curator increases your ability to:

  • Increase brand value through consistency
  • Improve production quality by ensuring only the correct assets are used.
  • Realize improved ROI on your existing assets
  • Reducing production time and cost by reducing search time and enabling easy asset reuse

What Else Can Curator Do?


Create and Collaborate on
Video From Anywhere


Manage Video Content
Between the Studio and WFH


Archive Management
and Reuse


Stream Frame-Accurare
Video Proxies

Demo Videos - Lights, Camera, See it in Action

Watch a demo video of the platform right now, or book time into Gabrielle's diary to arrange a custom demo tailored to your specific use case. 

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