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Quickly and securely reach, inform and engage directly with citizens

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From super-massive agencies like NASA and the Senate through to local cities and municipalities; agencies and institutions are creating monumental amounts of video content in their mission to reach, inform and engage with citizens, but this content mountain creates its own problems.

Is it secure? How do you store all of it? How do you manage and easily work on it? Curator can deliver maximum video value on those tax dollars...

Reach, inform and engage your citizens

You don’t get to work in an important government agency without knowing a thing or two about communication. You know that you can reach a larger audience by sharing video content online, and you know the network effect of a great viral video.

Curator helps your team to securely store content whilst keeping it searchable and instantly shareable.

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Curator is at the heart of many global Government agencies’ video projects, but there are not very many environments more challenging, or more critical, than the one that supports launches at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Government BroadcastDirectlytoVoters

Broadcast directly to your voters

Get your message directly in front of the people that matter when it matters most for you.

Automatically publish all of your high-value, high-res videos straight to YouTube & Vimeo, all of your social media channels or even your own dedicated Video OTT channel. You can even share it directly to your PR teams or even broadcast news.

Make content accessible for everyone

Legislation may mean that you need caption your video for citizens with hearing impairments, but working out what to caption and how to do it can be time-consuming and expensive.

Curator’s speech-to-text AI workflows can automatically help you stay compliant and even translate audio transcripts into other languages to increase your video reach (&value) even further.


Going live in 5… 4… 3...

Some Government institutions produce so much live content that it’s essential to tag it as it’s created. If your team doesn’t have access to the right metadata, it’ll be impossible for them to find what they need later.

Curator comes with built-in subject-specific metadata and supports logging on live growing content and even integrates with stenographers!

Security..? Secure enough for the International Criminal Court!

Where is all of your valuable video content is right now? It could be anywhere; on hard drives in desk drawers, on intern’s laptops, campaign manager’s camera cards and PR assistants personal cloud storage.

De-risk and give your whole team an easy way to search, create and collaborate on content in one secure, central location.

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