Analyze your video content, editor performance, and more with

Curator's powerful analytics

Curator Analytics provides detailed insights into your Curator system and the video assets it manages

Curator Analytics Screenshot

Analyze, evaluate, execute

Drill down into the heart of your Curator system with Curator Analytics to get insights into:

  • How Curator is being used and who is using it
  • Which video assets are being used and how
  • Trends in your metadata, such as how often players score when they get the ball
  • Complex queries such as using AI logo detection to determine how much screentime your sponsor's brands had last season, helping justify their advertising/sponsorship spend

Use this data to evaluate how your video content and editors are performing and execute plans of action from it.

Curator Analytics pulls this wealth of data out of your Curator system, allowing you to utilize your Business Intelligence software of choice to generate and share graphical displays of your data, such as Microsoft PowerBI and Google Data Studio.

Keep sports fans entertained with stats on their favorite teams/players

Who has the most shots on goal? Who scores the most when they get the ball? How many 3-pointers were scored last season? Generate detailed insights to keep your fans up-to-date.

Identify who your Curator power users are and how they're using the system

Get detailed insights into how your Curator system is being used, who is using it, who your power users are, how many iterations your video projects are going through, etc.

Make more informed decisions on IT requirements

Curator Analytics helps you determine when assets should automatically migrate to archive, identify trends in computing power usage, predict future storage requirements, and much more.

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