Solutions - Remote Video Editing and Collaboration

Enterprise Level Remote Video Editing
for pandemic-proof production

Find, edit, and collaborate on video projects from anywhere, on just 2Mb Wi-Fi

Create without constraint. Collaborate across borders. With Curator you have the power of a full professional edit bay wherever you or your video files are.


Frame-accurate editing
from anywhere

The Curator for Adobe Panel integration provides Editors with easily discoverable frame-accurate proxy streams of their assets for instant editing - no downloads necessary!


Simplified collaboration

Easy project sharing, versioning, and Check-Out/In capabilities directly within Premiere Pro and After Effects, combined with an intuitive browser-based review and approve process.


Increasing Editor efficiencies and productivity

Editors can send their export/conform back to where the original high-res assets are stored - avoiding huge downloads and reclaiming time wasted watching the conform task complete!

Productive and reliable
remote editing is possible

Video hasn’t enjoyed the flexibility of remote working that other sectors have for years. Curator fixes that.
Protecting production-related revenues. Improving Editor efficiencies for faster, higher quality production. Retaining and attracting the best talent regardless of geography. Keeping stakeholders and investors happy. Ensuring business continuity and uninterrupted production and monetization.
All possible with Curator.

The Remote Editing Puzzle

While working from home, Editors have found themselves remote from each other and the video files they need. Without an easy method of finding and editing their assets and collaborating on projects, Editors become unproductive and production quality drops.
Media businesses need technology that enables fast, frame-accurate, easy remote editing and collaboration. Curator is that technology.

The Curator Solution

Curator helps creative teams of editors to collaborate and edit from home or anywhere else in the world, directly in Premiere Pro and/or After Effects. With Curator, Editors can remotely:

  • Find the assets they need in seconds
  • Instantly edit on streaming frame-accurate proxies, without needing to download any files
  • Collaborate with colleagues, enabling project sharing, Check-Out/In, versioning, and review and approve
  • Offload time-consuming conform/export tasks back to where the high-res files are stored

Mission-critical remote working for video pros

There are other editorial workflows available – browser-based editing, RDP/VDI solutions, and even shuttling hard drives back and forth to the office – but none come close to the flexibility, productivity, and collaboration capabilities that Curator offers. With Curator, you'll:

  • Protect production-related revenues
  • Greatly improve Editor efficiencies for faster, higher quality production
  • Ensure business continuity and uninterrupted production and monetization, keeping stakeholders and investors happy
  • Retain and attract the best editing and production talent, regardless of geography

What Else Can Curator Do?


Archive Management
and Reuse


Centralize Control
of Brand Assets


Manage Video Content
Between the Studio and WFH


Stream Frame-Accurate
Video Proxies

Demo Videos - Lights, Camera, See it in Action

Watch a demo video of the platform right now, or book time into Gabrielle's diary to arrange a custom demo tailored to your specific use case. 

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