Solutions - Archive Reuse, Management, and Monetization

Immediately Access Your Video
Archive to Maximise Content ROI

Stop Searching, Start Finding the Video Needed to Create New Content from Old Footage

Content re-use speeds up production and reduces the cost of new productions. Avoiding re-shooting and get maximum value from your previous video investments through effective archive reuse, management, and monetization.


Instantly find and edit archive
assets, from anywhere

Curator enables Editors to use contextual search filters to rapidly narrow down their search to the exact assets they need, without having to retrieve them first, so they can preview and edit instantly. 


Manual & automated metadata
tagging for easy discovery

With dedicated manual logging leading AI speech-to-text and object/logo recognition services, Curator helps you rapidly enrich your archive with valuable metadata for reliable discovery of your assets.


Save on storage

Save on storage costs by automatically moving all hi-res assets to low-cost archive storage with 2% frame-accurate proxies available for instant professional editing without the usual overheads. 

Untap Your Videos Latent Value

Your archives value becomes immeasurable when it becomes difficult to shoot new material.

2020 saw media businesses without a reliable method of accessing and editing their archive experience a drastic drop in revenue, with some even failing altogether.

To combat the threat of production disruption and the impact on revenue it presents, and to enjoy a healthy ROI on video investments, businesses need a reliable solution for quickly accessing their archive for reuse, management, and monetization, preferably remotely.


If you can't find it, you can't monetize it

A problem many media businesses have is actually finding and using their valuable archive content.

In addition to lacking the tools to reliably find and discover archive content, it's often stored on "cold" offline storage, making it difficult or impossible for Editors to preview the clips before requesting they manually be retrieved from the archive. If you can't find it, you can't monetize it!

The Curator Solution

Curator helps businesses make the best use of their video archive through rapid remote access and instant editing of frame-accurate proxies. There's no need to retrieve it from storage first, so it can be monetized as quickly as possible.

  • Quickly search and discover all available assets with contextual search filters
  • Instantly edit on 2%, frame-accurate streamed proxies
  • Run AI metadata analysis on archive assets, making them easily discoverable
  • Remotely manage assets and automate archive and retrieval workflows

What Else Can Curator Do?


Create and Collaborate on
Video From Anywhere


Manage Video Content
Between the Studio and WFH


Centralize Control
of Brand Assets


Stream Frame-Accurare
Video Proxies

Demo Videos - Lights, Camera, See it in Action

Watch a demo video of the platform right now, or book time into Gabrielle's diary to arrange a custom demo tailored to your specific use case. 

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