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Curator is the Key to Creating Efficient Video Content Across Channels at Scale 

Video drives customer engagement and decision-making

Marketers understand that the demand for video content is growing, and that today’s imperative is to deliver rich customer experiences across territories, target audiences and video-supporting channels – at scale.

Video teams are going in-house

In 2017, only 17% of brands had an in-house video team. Today, more than 70% of brands have an in-house studio.

Video is king of online content

By 2023, 82% of all global internet traffic will come from streaming videos and downloads.

Did you know that Curator natively integrates with Adobe Creative Suite?

The challenges with creating video at scale are immense

Creating, iterating and deploying video content across channels is possible, but restricted creative teams, ineffective workflows, and inaccessible video assets make producing the volume and variety of content needed to satisfy multi-channel audiences nearly impossible. More than that, creating video content is incredibly manual, and requires editors to spend hours tagging content for re-use and waiting on costly download times.

Distributed remote teams aren’t collaborating efficiently

17% of remote workers say that collaboration is the largest challenge they face in a remote environment.

Scattered asset storage prevents content re-use & ROI

More than half (53%) of marketers waste too much time trying to find content assets.

Curator makes creating video content efficient and scalable

Curator is an end-to-end video management and remote editing solution for enterprises that streamlines the video supply chain to accelerate video content production. Curator does this by enabling productive remote editing and collaboration, optimizing asset storage for easier content re-use, and automating video file iteration to accelerate content scalability.

Activate the full potential of video teams by reducing time-consuming tasks

Improve content equity with centralized asset storage

Automate video edits and rendering to scale video content across channels

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See what our clients are saying about Curator


“Curator gives us a sustainable, long-term solution to efficiently manage the adidas Runtastic brand across large amounts of video in one place and then make those approved assets globally accessible."

Mathis Gerkensmeyer
CFO, ADIDAS Runtastic


“What I’m most excited about is streaming proxies into Premiere. The fact that you can implement a project manager, log into the interface – and have it all together solves a lot of our problems.”

Nick Shookla


“We didn’t know if the frame-accurate streaming proxies were actually real – until the test was successful! We knew we needed to pivot to IPV.”

Hoon Kim
Air BnB

Home Depot

"Working with IPV has been excellent, the level of technical competence and system knowledge has been impressive. Their willingness to work out a suitable solution proved their desire to form a solid partnership."

Bruce Covey
Home Depot Television

Altitude Sports

"We needed to be able to deploy a media asset management and storage infrastructure that enhanced and integrated smoothly into the workflows at all of our production houses. At the end of the day, if you can’t find the content, you don’t own it.”

David Zur
SVP of Operations and Engineering at KSE Media ventures


“The video footage we collect is an irreplaceable asset that must be protected and retained, as well as being made available to a wide range of different users at different locations, which makes the management task particularly challenging,”

Jeff Wolfe
Communications System Analyst

We're ready to scale video across channels - are you?


How Will Curator Help You?

Deploying Curator has deep benefits for all key teams throughout your organization.

Curator is a game-changer for Editors and other video creatives, helping you spend less time searching and more time collaborating on producing awesome video content, regardless of where you are in the world!

  • Curator for Adobe makes you more productive by bringing the power of Curator right into Premiere Pro and After Effects, so you can quickly find what you need and get editing instantly on frame-accurate proxies at just 2% of their original file sizes - with no waiting around to download anything!
  • When you've finished your edit, simply select the "Remote Conform" option to send the conform job back to the high res assets, freeing up you and your edit station for more editing
  • Curator Connect ensures you never have to wait around for new assets to be available for editing ever again. All newly-shot content can be quickly and easily ingested into the Curator system from anywhere in the world - so if your videographers are on-location somewhere exotic, you don't need to wait for them to get back to the office before you can begin editing
  • Curator Logger and AI integrations enrich your new and archive content with rich metadata, helping you to find and monetize the best content from your collection rapidly and easily, even if it's buried deep in archive
  • Need to edit on live content? No problem - Curator can automatically create frame-accurate proxy streams from live feeds in near-real-time for almost instant editing of live footage

Curator helps Marketing Teams to maintain brand consistency through a centralized single source of truth, remotely collaborate with Editors and other creatives, and rapidly find and discover all the relevant video and media assets you need for your campaigns, from anywhere in the world.

  • Curator Connect ensures all newly-shot video assets are quickly ingested into the Curator system regardless of where the videographers and other contributors are, ready for you to remotely preview and begin collaborating with your Editors
  • Curator Logger and AI integrations enrich your new and archive content with rich metadata, helping you to find and monetize the best content from your collection rapidly and easily, even if it's buried deep in archive
  • Curator provides a centralized single source of truth for brand assets, making it much easier for you and your team to ensure only the relevant brand assets are available to those who need them, maintaining brand consistency
  • Collaborate remotely with your Editors by creating clip Collections in Curator Clip Link that are full of the assets you want in your edits - Editors can then turn those Collections into Curator Productions inside Curator for Adobe, helping to kickstart the project
  • Editors can send Marketing Teams the work in progress using the review and approve functionality, so you can review it, approve it, or leave comments for further editing

Curator provides IT Teams with the tools you need to consolidate, de-duplicate, and automatically manage your vast amounts of video content, helping you to maximize existing IT investments, avoid unnecessary future storage spend, and increase productivity across creative and marketing teams through efficient technology use.

  • Curator consolidates and de-duplicates your video storage devices, helping reclaim expensive wasted storage space
  • Curator automatically creates proxy copies of all high-res assets that are just 2% of the original file size. Editors edit on these streaming proxies rather than the high-res originals, meaning Curator can automatically move your high-res assets to low-cost offline storage (e.g. archive devices), with only the proxy copies stored on your expensive high-availability storage
  • Curator streams proxies directly to Editors and avoids the need for Editors to download anything, avoiding duplication of assets and minimizing egress costs for cloud-based storage
  • Direct integration with leading cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure provide easy adoption of cloud server and storage services for low cost, high-availability storage
  • Curator can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution giving you the best of both worlds. It can integrate with your existing technology stack and connect to cloud services for a centralized hybrid solution
  • Curator Analytics provides helpful insights into your Curator system and how it's used, helping you to predict future storage requirements and make informed decisions about technology spending

Curator helps enterprise businesses like yours to:

  • Pandemic-proof your production-related revenue streams by enabling productive remote editing
  • Squeeze maximum return on investment from your existing content archive by making it easily searchable, discoverable, editable, and monetizable, from anywhere
  • Improve Editor productivity by saving them the average 10% of time wasted simply searching for assets, enabling instant editing with no need to download and duplicate assets, and perform remote conform on their finished edits to free them up for more editing 
  • Maintain brand consistency by providing a single, centralized source of truth for brand assets, helping globally dispersed Marketing/Brand Teams to stay on brand
  • Realize significant savings on enterprise storage requirements and easily adopt cloud storage where required
  • And much more...

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