The Future of Video for Creative Agencies

By the World’s Largest Creative Agencies

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Combined with wider industry data, we want to show you how top agencies have adjusted to the new era of WFH — what’s worked and what lessons have been learned along the way.


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As you’ve heard over and over again, we are living (and working) in unprecedented times. When the pandemic hit and lockdown measures took hold, the work-from-home revolution truly began. The ‘new normal’ will largely be shaped by our response to this change.

In order to stay up and running, creative agencies had to, well, get creative. As a software provider to a number of large creative agencies, we have first-hand insights into the challenges agencies face, as well as the cutting-edge solutions available to them.

Particularly when it comes to video, file sizes and bitrates present significant obstacles to collaboration and access. In order to match current and future demands for video content in a work from home (WFH) environment, teams have to overcome:

  • Slow WiFi, further burdened by other family members or housemates being online at home more.

  • Limited access to media files and footage from outside networks.

  • Issues with software licenses on home equipment.

  • Poor performance of home equipment, as compared to office workstations.

  • Creative slumps as a result of not being able to meet in person and work physically together — for instance, quickly showing someone else a scene or clip or discussing an idea.

  • Security concerns and permissions controls for files and media.

  • Difficulty honing briefs, given a new inability to meet in person with colleagues and clients.

Creative agencies and creative problem-solving

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Kerry Hill

Director of Production

FCB, North America


Eli Ash

Director of Production



Georgine Hajjar

Creative Director


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Andy Hayman

Head of Content and Production

GMR Marketing

To inspire creative problem-solving and foster success, we’ve spoken with four leading creative agencies to learn all about how they’ve overcome remote workflows and laid the groundwork for an industry-wide ‘new normal’.

Combined with wider industry data, we want to show you how top agencies have adjusted to the new era of WFH — what’s worked and what lessons have been learned along the way.

92%1 of digital marketers say video is an important part of their strategy, and those who use video see their revenue grow nearly 50%2 more quickly than those who don’t. Making sure that your agency is able to tap into this growing revenue stream should be a top priority when thinking about a ‘new normal’.

What this report will deliver

Our goal is to set out a strategic vision for the future. That means looking at how leading agencies approached lockdown, and the next steps being planned. It also means looking at the long-term challenges faced, and aligning them with technological and process-based solutions. Disruption is always an opportunity. By making the right short-term investments, you can reap long-term rewards. 

A silver lining to this pandemic and WFH cultural shift is the state of modern technology. Cloud-based solutions have empowered industries of all kinds to embrace remote workflows without significant disruption.

IPV is at the forefront of a large shift already impacting creative agencies — mainstreaming access to broadcast-grade media asset management (MAM) tools. Although most agencies use some sort of video content management (VCM) system, far more sophisticated options have become available over the last five to ten years. Although arguably interchangeable terms, MAM is coming to replace VCM as the central tool able to augment video production workflows.

Now, let’s get creative!

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