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Professional video content is increasingly important to connect to congregations and attract new followers. Content has to be easy to find, use and deliver in order to tell your unique story, ensure consistency of message and broaden your reach via broadcast, online and on social media.

Welcome to Curator

Curator lets you quickly and easily discover, manage, use and deliver your media content which is categorized by location, speaker or theme. Find the right content and deliver it when and where it matters to engage your communities.

  • Scale as you do – from managing local media content to engaging with global online congregations, Curator’s flexible structure helps you to grow as your following grows. You won’t need to spend donations unnecessarily: just choose what you want, when you need it.

  • Get control of your content – with a team that’s volunteer-led, it’s easy to lose track of where material is being stored. It’s even harder to find the clips the contain the right themes when creating topical content. Curator helps you to find, deliver and conform the content you want, using tagging for easier search and discovery, and with minimal training needed.

  • Spread your message further – You need to keep your congregation informed about current initiatives and events while also creating educational content. With Curator’s review and automation tools, any house of worship can easily create engaging video content for its congregation. All of your content can be accessed from a single platform and exported straight to the web and social media.

  • Create during live events – Once you’ve established a way of managing your media, you’ll find you can do more than you thought with it. Curator can even help you to edit live material so you have a great way of showing your sermons online.

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