Stay in your creative flow with

Curator's Adobe Panel

The Curator Adobe Panel brings the power of Clip Link's AI-enabled faceted search and discover directly into your Adobe editing environment, helping you stay in creative flow

Remote editing@.x

Curator for Adobe Panel

Find the assets you need without leaving breaking your creative flow, with Curator's Adobe Panel. Bringing all the power of Clip Link, the Adobe Panel gives you AI-enabled faceted search and 2% frame-accurate proxy streams directly in your Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects editing environment.

  • Watch live streams appear as growing 2% proxies in near-real-time
  • See Markers appear in real-time as they're added by Loggers
  • Edit from anywhere in the world without needing access to high-res files
  • View archived material without recalling it from archive
  • Initiate remote conform jobs, taking the strain off your local computer
Find the right project

Trudging through folder systems wastes everyone's time. Concentrate on creating content instead. Find what you’re looking for and who’s worked on it, instantly, from within Premiere Pro and After Effects.

View 2% proxies of high-res content - even when it's stored in archive

Archive assets and keep working on them with our pioneering 2% proxies, and let Curator automatically recall the high-res footage when conforming.

Live editing made easy

Video is more valuable the faster you turn it around. Superfast content creation with live markers appearing as you’re working (from anywhere!) is made easy.

Take the strain off your local machine with remote conform

Edit from anywhere in the world and then remotely conform jobs, freeing up your local machine for more editing!

Work anywhere without restriction

Want to work from home, but have an important project to finish? Curator for Adobe streams proxy versions of your content that are 98% smaller than the original hi-res files, helping you avoid long download times!

Ready to take a closer look at Curator?

Curator Clip Link Demo Video

Curator Clip Link

Stop searching and start finding with Curator Clip Link's AI-enabled faceted search. Access frame-accurate 2% proxy streams of all your creative assets from anywhere in the world.

Premiere Pro Demo Video

Curator for Adobe

Gone are the days of disorganised folder systems and hours spent on admin. Check out this quick video demo to see how you can spend more time creating with Curator.

Curator Connect Demo Video

Curator Connect

Supporting all major camera cards and video formats, Curator Connect enables media managers to ingest and tag video anywhere in the world through a simple user interface.

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