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Curator Logger and Sports Logger

A dedicated logging experience for fast and accurate metadata tagging, even with live content

Smart Logging@.x

A Dedicated Logging Experience

Curator Logger and Sports Logger guarantees fast, accurate, and consistent metadata tagging, from anywhere in the world

Completely configurable to the user and the content being logged, Curator Logger and Curator Sports Logger gives Media Managers a contextually-relevant logging interface and professional-grade HTML 5 video player, ensuring complete consistency in metadata tagging and video playback in any browser on any device.

Curator Sports Logger integrates with sports-specific data feeds such as OPTA, NBA GSS, and SMT, ensuring Loggers have the most up-to-date metadata options.

Whether you're logging sports, news, video marketing assets, or compliance, Curator Logger and Sports Logger help you do it quickly and accurately.

Ingest with metadata

Ensure that every single asset has metadata from the offset. Extract configurable metadata in ingest to have information you need about the video.

Consistently accurate

Controlled vocabularies mean loggers can’t make a typo or input the wrong name, so you’ll keep all your metadata consistent and useful to everybody.

Multi-conditional logging

Curator Logger provides multiple configurable workspaces and intuitive layouts to meet all needs, from basketball to broadcast news to compliance logging.

Configured for success

Loggers are set up for success from the start, helping your team tag content much faster and much more accurately so you can be the first to show live content.

Make it fast to add

You don’t just need data about the overall file, you need to know where the bit you need it is in the clip. Add this data really quickly so you can jump straight to the tag when you search for it.

Automate it

Manual tagging just too dull? AI-led tagging options such as speech to text and object recognition will help take the grind out of adding manual metadata.

Curator HLS Video Player

Professional-grade, frame accurate video player

Curator Logger/Sports Logger incorporates a browser-based professional level video player offering frame-accurate playback, scene change detection, fast-forward and rewind at 0.1x-400x, hover scrub, and multiple subtitle and audio tracks.

Speech To Text@.x
More metadata

Speech to text will save hours of manual tagging and scrolling and make all of your content searchable and ensure that you jump straight to the relevant frame.


Accessibility and meeting regulatory requirements costs! If you’re captioning more than 3.5 hours of video each week, speech to text will pay for itself.

New markets

Need an easy way of making your content accessible to a new audience? Captioning in a foreign language is a cost-effective solution to penetrating new markets.

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