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Set your creative teams free. Now...


A complete, rapid-deployment remote editing studio for professional video editors and producers enabling the continued creation of content your business needs from home as global events force a change in the way people have to work.

Work From home
Create without constraint

Business Continuity for Video Creatives

Whatever happens in the world, give your creative team the power to continue creating amazing content when it's needed from wherever is best for them 

KeyFeatures EasyIngest
Need it now? Get it now!

Immediately Deploy Your Private Cloud Studio

Set your creatives free today. Enable editors and producers to leave the office (almost) immediately and continue to ingest, edit and publish content.

KeyFeatures Integrations&Connections
Built for the best

Enterprise Grade Editing Capabilities

Whatever happens in the world, give your creative team the power to continue creating amazing content when it's needed from wherever is best for them 

CuratorNow Capabilities

Curator Now is hosted in AWS and can be deployed in 2 days so you’re ready to work when you need to.

Curator is a mature solution trusted and used by enterprise companies, government agencies and creative studios all over the world.

Curator Now is built from the full Curator suite to solve your immediate challenges and can be scaled at any point to a full Curator system, adding any of it’s amazing capabilities when you’re ready.

Upload your content

Securely stream and edit

Request and render in the cloud

Download the output anywhere

CuratorNow: Everything Your Video Team
Needs to Work From Home. Now.

KeyFeatures EasyIngest

Easy Ingest

KeyFeatures ProxyWorkflows

Proxy Workflows

KeyFeatures RemoteEditing

Remote Editing

KeyFeatures CuratorforAdobe

Curator for Adobe

KeyFeatures IntelligentSearch

Intelligent Search

KeyFeatures SmartLogging

Technical Metadata

KeyFeatures ArchiveManagement

Data Management

Rapid deploy

Rapid Deployment

The time is now for a new remote, collaborative cloud MAM to enable video teams to work together, from anywhere

World leaders in Media Asset Management software, IPV, today announced the immediate launch of “CuratorNow”, a private cloud, remote editing studio for professional video editors and producers to continue to create the content their businesses’ need from home, or indeed anywhere else as global events force changes in the way people have to work.

Able to be deployed in days, CuratorNow fast-tracks the ability of creatives to work from any location, including their home, with just basic Wi-Fi for project collaboration using the core tools of Curator, IPV’s proven flagship Media Asset Management platform, allowing for simple scalability and an easy upgrade path.

CuratorNow quickly enables media managers to ingest hi-res video and log crucial technical metadata; the ability to easily search and find assets remotely; to edit with frame-accurate proxies using 98% less bandwidth than the hi-res files; to collaborate seamlessly on Adobe Premiere Pro projects and to conform completed content back to hi-res, all delivered through a highly secure private cloud.

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We work best with any organization that is serious about video. Our lightest customers use IPV to manage around 1500 video assets, our heaviest customers ingest over 10,000 hours of 4k video every week.

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