Sports Media Asset Management

Tag, edit and produce as fast as the action on the field - wherever you are.


Video content is as crucial for sports organizations as the action on the field

Curator is the leading MAM platform for players, agents, teams, leagues, rights holders or governing bodies and sports broadcasters.

Sports organizations need a way to manage a growing mountain of content; for broadcast channels, in-stadium, online distribution & social media use.

Work with live video faster than ever before

Every dunk, every goal, every touch-down and all-out brawl!

Every instant of every play can be accurately and instantly logged and be made visible to editors with live markers appearing in Premiere Pro in real-time to create replays and highlight reels before the crowd even sit down.

Altitude Sports

“Curator enabled us to deploy a media asset management and storage infrastructure that enhanced and integrated smoothly into the workflows at all of our production houses. At the end of the day, if you can’t find the content, you don’t own it.”

David Zur, SVP of Operations and Engineering at KSE Media ventures


The metadata that matters

In the heat of the moment, it’s the metadata that matters.

To maximize speed and accuracy, your loggers only see the metadata that’s relevant to the game they’re logging so it’s easier to find the right player, right pass, right shot or right play fast.

Don’t get caught out playing away

Editors and producers can’t always be at the game, but they do always need instant access to the content.

Give them the material from away games instantly so content can be reviewed and edited wherever they are in the world, regardless of where the action’s happening.


Monetize the magic

Transform your archive into an easily accessible and curatable content hub to create clips packages of players, goals or cup-runs for nostalgia broadcasts or marketing campaigns

Track every moment of screen-time for every logo and brand, from kit sponsors and pitch hoardings to post-match press boards and even on-air mentions to justify ROI and increase ad-spend.

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