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Increase Your Creative Time
in Video Production

Double your valuable creative time by leveraging the huge automation efficiencies in connecting Workfront to Creative Cloud

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Only 46% of creative team time is spent creating original content, but Curator for Adobe helps creatives recapture their time so they can spend their days creating, rather than working on burdensome administrative tasks.

Curator seamlessly integrates with Adobe Workfront, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and Experience Manager to automate mundane administrative tasks that overburden creative teams. With the power of Curator, you can find your video content in seconds, get to work and get on with your life.


Automate Mundane Administrative Tasks

Stream Workfront data to auto-setup the project environment
in Premiere Pro and save valuable time on
project discovery and kickoff.

Rapidly Find Archived Assets

Use AI speech-to-text and object recognition to rapidly find the assets you need to begin production.


Enable Remote & Collaborative
Creative Working

Supercharge the Creative Cloud by enabling seamless remote working capability, regardless of location or bandwidth.

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How Will Curator help You?

IPV Curator is the most efficient and nimble enterprise video asset management solution available today. By adding Curator, you can scale your video output and maximize content ROI by supercharging your content team.

So – are you ready to scale your video operations and generate impressive ROI on your content?

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