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Who uses Curator?

Trusted (and loved) by broadcasters, enterprise brands, creative agencies, universities and government agencies. Our Cloud Video Editing Software works best for any organization that is serious about video. Our lightest customers use Curator to manage around 1500 video assets, our heaviest customers ingest over 10,000 hours of 4k video every week. 

Everything you need to edit your company's video content in cloud

KeyFeatures EasyIngest

Easy Ingest

KeyFeatures ProxyWorkflows

Proxy Workflows

KeyFeatures ObjectRecognitionAI

Object Recognition AI

KeyFeatures CuratorforAdobe

Curator for Adobe

KeyFeatures IntelligentSearch

Intelligent Search

KeyFeatures RemoteEditing

Remote Editing

KeyFeatures ArchiveManagement

Archive Management

KeyFeatures SmartLogging

Smart Logging & Automated Metadata

KeyFeatures SpeechtoTextAI

Speech to Text AI

KeyFeatures VideoOTT

Video OTT

KeyFeatures Integrations&Connections

Integrations & Connections

Easy Ingest@.x

Easy ingest

Now anyone can ingest any video file, anywhere they are.

Your cloud video editing system only works if there’s content in it. But that content is spread over various locations; on hard drives in desk drawers and editors' laptops, on camera cards and producers’ personal cloud storage.

Keeping video content safe

Give your whole team an easy way to ingest content into your cloud video editing platform so all high-value video assets are searchable and usable in one secure, central place.

Manage remote contributors in cloud

Easy remote ingest lets your team upload from anywhere in the world so you can be sure that remote contributors get that crucial content to you successfully and on time.

The metadata you need

Stop trying to work out where files are or where they’ve come from. Contributors are required to add specific, custom metadata on ingest saving time and avoiding duplication of effort.

You can’t rely on humans!

An intuitive suggestive-search experience makes it easy to explore and discover the available video content and metadata within, without asking for help.

100% availability and archived?

Save money on expensive on-prem storage while keeping all of your assets searchable. Stream frame-accurate proxy files to view and work on your content.

Business-wide user permissions

From God-mode to single-asset-restriction, you and your entire organization can view the video your business is creating without worry or the need to access storage.

Smart Logging@.x

Automated metadata & smart logging

Get the right metadata in the right place, fast.

Effective cloud video editing is all about having the right metadata in the right places. Tagging your content quickly and accurately is essential if you’re ever going to find or use it again… usually that’s easier said than done. Curator makes it easier done than said!

Ingest with metadata

Ensure that every single video content asset has metadata from the offset. Extract configurable metadata in ingest to have information you need about the video.

Consistently accurate

Controlled vocabularies mean loggers can’t make a typo or input the wrong name, so you’ll keep all your metadata consistent and useful to everybody.

Multi-conditional logging

Curator Logger provides multiple configurable workspaces and intuitive layouts to meet all needs, from basketball to broadcast news to compliance logging.

Configured for success

Loggers are set up for success from the start, helping your team tag content much faster and much more accurately so you can be the first to show live content.

Make it fast to add

You don’t just need data about the overall file, you need to know where the bit you need it is in the clip. Add this data really quickly so you can jump straight to the tag when you search for it.

Automate it

Manual tagging just too dull? AI-led tagging options such as speech to text and object recognition will help take the grind out of adding manual metadata.

Proxy workflows

2% file size
100% frame-accurate fire-power

Video content is too big to work in the flexible way today’s organizations need it to: you can’t send, share or store it without spending a lot of time and money. Curator proxies are designed to solve this problem: they’re frame-accurate and just 2% of the size of the hi-res content.

Proxy Workflows@.x
Spiralling storage costs?

Keeping hi-res content constantly available will munch through your storage budget in weeks. Archive assets and keep working on them with our pioneering proxies.

Sharing (video) is caring

Want to share content with other teams, editors and executives but it fails or takes forever to send? Not with our frame-accurate, 2% proxies. Share the love!

Save time, save money, do more

Using our world-leading proxies will save your creatives 10’s of manhours of time waiting on large video content files to download every month, and free them up to be more productive too.

Remote editing@.x

Remote cloud editing

Edit video assets where you are, not where they are

Almost no organization works in the same location all the time, especially those organizations creating video - so you have to be able to view, edit and produce new video wherever you are. The problem is that video’s hard to move or share… or is it?

Edit from wherever

Employ the best person for the job wherever they’re located. They can view, work on, conform and submit content remotely and securely, without waiting for it to download.

Bigger is not always better

Transferring hi-res content is so expensive...so don’t! Stream frame-accurate proxies from any location, work it, then conform it using the hi-res where it’s stored.

Real-time collaboration

What’s the collective noun for a group of editors huddling around a server with tangled ethernet cables? Doesn’t matter, with our proxies, that’s a thing of the past.

AI: Speech to text

Think speech to text is already old news?

Speech to text is the most developed AI technology there is - so why aren’t you using it? And, if you are, are you getting the best from it? Curator makes sure you do.

Speech To Text@.x
More metadata

Speech to text will save hours of manual tagging and scrolling and make all of your content searchable and ensure that you jump straight to the relevant frame.


Accessibility and meeting regulatory requirements costs! If you’re captioning more than 3.5 hours of video each week, speech to text will pay for itself.

New markets

Need an easy way of making your content accessible to a new audience? Captioning in a foreign language is a cost-effective solution to penetrating new markets.

Object Recognition@.x

AI: Object recognition

A picture paints a thousand
metadata tags

Object recognition is the perfect way to generate metadata automatically; from A-Z list celebs to the most elaborate scenery. But make sure you don’t get buried in data. Curator will stop you from ending up with more than you bargained for!

Automated metadata

Auto-tagged video content with no manual input. Get data based on what you can see in each clip, then use Curator to make it easily searchable.

Don’t be deluged

An hour of content can create 214,000 tags! Curator is easily configurable to help you overcome this deluge of metatags and only show the most relevant.

Get the results most useful to you

Want the tags concerning people, but don’t care about the scenery? Use controlled vocabularies or filter by confidence to ensure that you only get the most accurate.

Archive management

Take all the guesswork out of video archiving

Huge volumes of video have to be stored somewhere, but you’re faced with a choice between expensive online storage and cheap but inaccessible offline storage. Choosing what to keep online and what to archive can feel like a lottery: Take the guesswork out of archiving.

Archive Management@.x
The accessible storage conundrum

Producing the highest quality video content you can leads to higher storage costs. Why not use cost effective, less accessible storage and proxies to search and edit in cloud instead?

Monetizing archived video content

Even in less accessible storage you can manage the restore process with intelligent retrieval, so the content you need is always available when you need it.

Best of both worlds

Like the idea of cloud but struggling with security? Want to make the most of your existing on-prem investments? We make it easy and secure to use either or hybrid of both.

Product OTT

Video OTT

Everyone’s talking about OTT - make sure you can, too.

OTT is the way to deliver modern content, but it requires new kinds of investment and expertise. From searching to delivery and analytics, Curator can help to take the pain out of this process.

Can you find it?

You can create loads of great video content, but can your audience find it? Add searchable metadata to your video so it’s easy to find the episode where that thing happened!

Making content available

Get the right content from your cloud video editing software at the right air time and publish automatically to your OTT site.


If you’re experimenting with OTT you need analytics to make sure you’re getting the results you want. Curator will help you to track viewer numbers and more.

Curator for Adobe

Take control of your Adobe projects

If you’re using Premiere Pro or After Effects, you could be working faster and more efficiently with your content. Gone are the days of disorganised folder systems and hours spent on admin. We’ll show you how you can spend more time creating with Curator.

Curator for Adobe
Find the right project

Trudging through folder systems wastes everyone's time. Concentrate on creating content instead. Find what you’re looking for and who’s worked on it instantly.

Work anywhere

Want to work from home, but have an important project to finish? Stream proxy versions of your content, then conform your final work back to where the hi-res is stored.

Live editing made easy

Video is more valuable the faster you turn it around. Superfast content creation with live markers appearing as you’re working (from anywhere!) is made easy.

Integrations and APIs

Work however you want

We know there are products you’re used to working with and investments you want to make the most of, so Curator offers a host of integrations and API functionality.

Product Integrations Right Aligned
Integrations with all the products you need

Curator has over 50 integrations, so it’s easy to slot cloud video editing system into your content creation workflow and ensure you have all the functionality you need.

Don't waste existing investments

Need a new way of managing your assets, but don’t want to waste your existing investments? Integrate with them to make sure that you’re not held back by legacy technology.

Make user adoption easier

Your team will be much keener to start using a new product if they can continue working with all their usual tools, too. Curator’s seamless integration mean they’ll barely notice a change.

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