The makers of the Curator media management system will demonstrate how it can help all kinds of content producers take control of their video assets and make the most of new technologies.


Cambridge, UK. March 5 2018– At the 2019 NAB Show, media technology specialist IPVwill be presenting the latest version of its Curator software, which boasts sophisticated integrations with the latest AI and cloud technologies. Its position in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s south lower hall this year will be booth number SL5027.


There’s no doubt that AI will be a key topic at NAB 2019, so IPV will be demonstrating how it can help organizations make the most of the opportunities AI provides. One of the much-touted uses of AI is automated metadata creation – whether through speech-to-text or object recognition technologies.  However, AI-generated data can be problematic because of the sheer quantity of data it creates, and its reliability can’t yet be guaranteed. IPV will show how Curator adds value by helping users to sort through AI-generated data, displaying important information like provenance and predicted accuracy to help users make the right decision about which data is useful to them.

New speech-to-text integrations will also be on display, with benefits that included automated captioning to help colleges comply with accessibility legislation, and automatically created, searchable metadata. Particularly relevant to organizations with a large, valuable archive, such as sports broadcasters, these integrations will help users to automate the tagging of their archive assets, making them easily searchable and reusable.

NAB 2019 demos

 Use AI to auto-generate metadata within Curator.


Also on show at booth SL5027 will be IPV’s new Curator Project Connect feature, which focuses on helping content creators work more efficiently with their Adobe Premiere Pro projects. Project Connect automates the registration of Adobe Premiere Pro project files into Curator, automatically capturing metadata and identifying unused media files.  Visitors will be able to see how Project Connect can facilitate the migration of projects to new, cloud-based storage by eliminating the issue of manually relinking files.

Remote Working

Even though global organizations and working from home are now the norm, sharing and sending video remains costly and time-consuming for content creators. That’s why IPV will be demonstrating their remote editing workflow, which allows organizations to work flexibly and globally. Included in this demo will be the new Curator Connect easy-ingest application, which allows anyone to remotely ingest camera card content by simply dragging and dropping. Once it’s registered, users can view their assets, edit on streaming proxies, and conform their project remotely – all without access to the hi-res content.


Another focus of the IPV Curator demo, the new Analytics Functionality Module will appeal to the modern, data-driven business. Spectators will be able to see how Curator Analytics allows them to get a handle on their processes, reducing inefficiencies and maximising profit. The Analytics module can be configured to suit each organization, ensuring that they can all get maximum ROI on Curator.

IPV will be demonstrating Curator at the 2019 NAB Show – on booth SL5027 – from April 8-11. Learn more about what the Curator platform can do for your organization or book a meeting at the show here.