IPV Curator - Release Notes

IPV Curator is regularly updated with new features and improvements. Here's a run-through of recent changes

Curator Arrival 3.0 release

17th July 2020

Given the current global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, our focus for this update has been around enabling you to be as productive as possible while working remotely.

What’s new?

  • We've introduced search highlighting in Curator Clip Link and the Curator for Adobe Panel to help you better understand your search results
  • Tool-tip walkthroughs can now guide new and experienced users through Clip Link and the Curator for Adobe Panel
  • The Curator for Adobe Panel now offers a cool sub-clip import function for when you only want to import a section of an asset and not the whole thing, shaving even more time off your edit time
  • An even better Curator Clip Link experience with search highlighting and the much-requested List View
  • Easier user account management, including self-service account creation and management
  • Speed, performance, and user experience enhancements in Curator Connect, making asset ingest even easier, especially for home workers
  • Improved security for cloud and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Proxy streaming directly from Amazon S3 cloud storage is now possible and can save up to 80% on your cloud storage costs. One customer saw their monthly costs go from $22,000 to just $4,500! 
  • Oh, and the fact it's got the word "Arrival" in the name (read the blog post to find out why!)

Curator 2.3 release

19th February 2020

What's new?

  • We've re-designed the Curator Adobe Panel, making it faster to find content and giving creative editors new ways to collaborate. The Curator Adobe Panel now more closely mimics the Curator Clip Link user interface, making it easier for users to use both applications. See it in action in our Curator for Adobe demo video.
  • Curator Connect now makes it easier for Media Managers to register assets in bulk and offers support for Sony FS7 camera cards, adding to the Canon C300, Panasonic P2, and RED camera cards already supported. See it in action in our Curator Connect demo video.
  • Curator 2.3 brings the first iteration of Curator Gateway, providing System Administrators with increased security during the Curator deployment process and simplifying the setup of system administration access
  • Curator Server now boasts security protocols that meet NASA's stringent requirements and multiple performance enhancements
Object Recognition@.x

Curator 2.2.1 release

7th November 2019

What’s new?

  • We’ve expanded our AI functionality with AI object recognition – and it’s a big deal! Thanks to integration with Amazon’s AWS Rekognition, you can now ingest and tag your content with automated object, face, and compliance detection. Combined with AI Speech to Text, tagging and finding the content you need has never been easier. Learn more…
  • The Curator Sports Logger now supports the graph-based version of Metadata Central and includes the latest Curator HLS player, providing sports loggers and editors with loads more functionality
  • A new connector for StorageDNA enables the use of their archive devices, and a new StorNext 6 integration means Curator now supports Quantum Lattus storage devices
  • We've introduced easy exports for Curator proxies in MP4 format for playback in desktop apps and embedding in presentations
  • Curator now supports OTMM systems using SAML single-sign-on (SSO) authentication
  • The MOS Gateway has been enhanced to improve the processing speed of news rundowns and stories. This improves startup time and provides a more responsive experience for editors

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