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IPV presents the Curator MAM system on Digital Production BuZZ

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Following a successful 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, IPV’s Nigel Booth was invited as a guest onto Digital Production BuZZ, the podcast which works to keep listeners in touch with trends and technologies within digital production, post-production and distribution.

The show’s host Larry Jordan wanted to get to know IPV to better understand MAM, systems that are commonly misunderstood or simply not used. In their interview, Nigel describes the Curator system and speaks about the different production infrastructures that it’s perfectly suited to including broadcast – the product’s key driver – enterprise, sports and increasingly reality, or ‘unscripted’ TV.

In a world where more and more products are being turned into services and deployed in ways that don’t rely on hardware, Nigel explains to Larry how Curator’s flexible nature means it can be deployed in several states whether on- or off-premises, in the cloud or as a subscription service to name a few. He also speaks about Curator’s industry-leading proxy workflows as an important element to the system as editors can work with low-res versions of content, to instantly share edits and assets.

“In the context of clients we have such as Hearst […] – they’re registering content through their 32 different locations throughout the US, and proxies are being created locally and are then able to be shared right the way across the enterprise. So if somebody sees the requirement to use a piece of high res content, we will move it in the background seamlessly.”

Curator is also an incredibly scalable solution which can be implemented for anything from just a couple of users up to many users in any number of locations. Nigel explains “we often say that part of the beauty of Curator is it’s an extremely flexible solution but of course part of the problem is, it’s an extremely flexible solution.”

To listen to the interview which aired on May 4 2017 use the media player below. Or to read a full transcript of it head to

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