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Curator for Sports

Video content is as crucial for sports organizations as the on-field action – for teams, leagues, rights holders or governing bodies. Sports organizations need a way to manage a growing mountain of content – for broadcast channels, in-stadium, online distribution & social media use.

Transform your sports video production

Curator lets teams and leagues embrace the label of a content creator. It makes it easy to record, edit, log and assign metadata to video content in an instant. Quickly create content and easily find it for use again – whether you need it now, for next week’s game, or the end of season highlights.

  • Work with live video at speed – see low-resolution versions of your video content so you can browse, log, edit and publish media faster

  • Guarantee the right metadata – team out of the playoffs? Only need to view one player’s games? Maximize speed and accuracy with Curator Logger. Curator can easily integrate with huge metadata thesauruses and external feeds, but automatically just show the players relevant to the work you’re doing.

  • Access your content remotely – your editors and producers can’t always been at the location of the game, but need access to the content so it can be turned around fast. Curator lets you review and edit your content wherever you are in the world, regardless of where the original files are located.

  • Monetize historic content – clips from games played years ago can suddenly become relevant and incredibly valuable. But you can only get full value out of them if they’re easy to find and accessible. Curator makes searching, viewing and retrieving clips from any kind of storage easy.


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