IPV Curator is the advanced media asset management solution that makes it easy for you to achieve collaborative workflows in media environments.

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Ingest and catalogue all your asset types, including video audio images and more.

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Create, access and search unlimited metadata fields of multiple data types.

Customise the visibility of individual and grouped metadata fields to users and groups.

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Perform lightning quick Global and Advanced searches against millions of assets.

Use simple or multi-condition queries from intuitive multi-platform GUIs including Apps, Web and NLE. Tools include suggested search terms, faceted results and user-defined saved searches.

Multi-Platform Media Streaming

Unprecedented media streaming delivering secure frame accurate content to multiplatform interfaces.

Choose from a number of formats and wrappers such as H264 Mpeg4 mxf and mov. Tools include Scene change detection, multi-audio scrub, closed caption overlays and subtitle injection all available on closed or live content.

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ClipSelect provides a Multi-Platform, web-based, secure viewing portal for archived and online media …

…enabling users around the world to Search, browse, annotate, Retrieve and deliver content.

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Curator for Premiere

Access to the full features of Curator from inside Adobe’s popular Creative Cloud editing suite.

Advanced tools include Remote Proxy Streaming and editing, Dynamic and collaborative Marker Population, Import and Export of sequence markers, Real-time Dynamic Low-Res/High-Res switching, Workflow initiation, Metadata Search and Edit and High-Speed Remote Conform server farms.

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Metadata Loggers

Curator enables remote, vocabulary-controlled logging via automated or manual annotation …

… in App and Web environments. With Curator Loggers, you can also gain remote access to live incoming content in a collaborative environment and publish annotations in real-time to NLE timelines. Tools include configurable GUIs, dynamic layouts, and time-stamped metadata sets.

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ClipLink turns video, audio and image search on its head whilst helping web-based users around the world find and view content easily …

Faceted data selection enables fast navigation through all your media without needing to understand the asset metadata models. Offer trending or recommended searches or let users define their own… ClipLink will open up your asset library like never before.

Curator Process Engine

Design, manage and track manual and automated workflows of any scale.

Curator’s Drag-and-Drop workflow designer unlocks a growing toolbox of over 300 broadcast and media centric devices and an expanding library of workflow templates. Assign workflow access to users and then run them from App, Web or NLE environments from a single click.

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Curator Device Director

Monitor and utilise any number of networked services from a single page.

The ever-growing list of supported industry leading devices includes file transcoders, QC Engines, Archive Agents, File Movers, Phonetic Search Tools, Subtitling Engines, Storyboard generators, Conform Engines and EDL Services and Translators.

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IPV Curator is designed and built on a Service Oriented Architecture.

This means that throughput and functionality can easily be increased and decreased to meet with business demands enabling you to respond to new business directives with agility and confidence.

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Stay informed with real time and historic system status.

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