Our objective is to help you produce great programming and maximise your return on your archived media assets.


Archive & Media Asset Management Solutions

Our suite of proxy media and metadata tools for archiving, contextual search and instant retrieval keeps getting better. So will your ability to use/exploit your assets and engage your viewers.

Today’s engaging live and recorded programming depends on your ability to get your hands on equally engaging and relevant supporting content – whether dusted off from your archive, shot five minutes previously or harvested from other disparate sources.

However, only with effective contextual archiving, the ability for instant retrieval and the latest smart web tools can your creative teams and engineers find and use exactly what they want, when they want it with high speed and accuracy. And have total confidence in the relevance and integrity of the resulting material.

A pioneer in bringing you real-time transcoding of multiple live and file-based video sources, IPV now brings you much, much more:

Like advanced phonetic search tools, HTML interfaces for multi-camera, S&P and live logging system with unique semantically-enriched metadata management. And the ability to harvest and organise metadata from any internal or external source – including the web and social media.


Content Preparation And Re-purposing Solutions

Deliver relevant and compelling content quickly and easily – when and where it’s needed – with IPV’s industry-leading automated workflow tools… for truly collaborative file-based production.

Global audiences, syndication and multi-format VoD are just some of the challenges faced by today’s broadcasters and content owners.

IPV makes it easy for you deliver and monetise your content to diverse audiences hungry for information and entertainment… faster and smarter, when and where they want it. With media and workflow management solutions to enhance your programme planning, scheduling and rights management as well as post production, re-purposing, archiving and a host of other essential functions. And the ability for your content to be worked on by multiple concurrent users at the desktop, with VTR-like performance.

It’s all taken care of thanks to our expertise in metadata and semantic engine technology which aggregates, transforms and cleanses data for loading into any application, for truly collaborative file-based production.


Sports Logging & Production Solutions

Advanced contextual search and automated proxy workflow tools that let you show every goal, strike, lap, run and slam dunk as it happens, supported by comment, insight and trending opinion.

Engage, excite and enthral sports fans with the type of live and highlights programming that can be achieved only with Curator’s highly sophisticated contextual search and automated proxy workflow tools.

At the desktop…Curator real time ingesting and encoding of multiple live and file-based video sources and online data adds fascinating archived history and insight to support the live action. That’s the kind of inspired programming craved by sports fans anywhere. Plus the ability for your (and your customers’) people to work concurrently on your content in Newcastle, Nevada or Nanjing – translating, titling, subtitling, editing, all on low resolution metadata-rich, timecode-accurate files before it’s all brought together.

And because the big game isn’t always in sync with when your fans are sitting in front of the TV, we make it easy for you deliver great sports programming across multiple platforms.

Will viewers be shouting for more blow-by-blow coverage, action replays, slo-mo sequences, form and statistics? They will when you use Curator.



News Production Solutions

Real-time ingestion and encoding of multiple disparate sources, together with fast and highly accurate contextual archive and web search – for news services that deliver great scoops and insight.

In news production, speed, agility and accuracy have always been the key ingredients to building and maintaining credibility and demand. A scattering of insight and informed comment has always helped too.

Now, with the help of Curator’s archive, media asset management and content production and re-purposing tools, it’s easy to achieve all of these with ease … right at the desktop.

Real time ingesting and encoding of multiple live and file-based video sources and online data – together with fast and highly accurate contextual archive and web search – enables up-to-the-minute footage with commentary, trending opinion and archive material that’s 100% relevant. Delivered on the platforms of your choice.

Our content preparation and re-purposing tools then make it simple to perform any number of editing functions via our web interface, using proxy media – perfect for archiving and syndication.


Reality & Live TV

Combine our multiple live and file-based video sources and advanced semantic social network and web spider, with your imagination, and get the planet’s most followed reality TV.

Curator’s solutions for reality and other live TV production make it easy for you to deliver the compelling programming required to keep demanding audiences engaged.

Curator’s multi-camera, live logging tools combined with semantic data mining speed up the production process and help you find the assets you need fast and accurately.

Scriptable workflow tools enable automation of processes throughout the entire production chain, with minimal manual intervention. And you can even incorporate real time social media and web-sourced insight, comment and opinion for truly rich programming.

And because today’s busy consumer insists on the ability to view reality/live TV when and where they want to, Curator’s tools also enable programme delivery across the multiple platforms of their choice.